Day 23

Nothing new really. Lips are still dry and it kind of sucks because I have to open my mouth slowly so as not to crack the corners and make them bleed. Eyes are still pretty dry and they start to get aggravating near the end of the day if I don't put eye drops in. I use Visine Tears. On the plus side my back and chest are looking extremely good. I really didn't think it could ever look this clean. I can go out in public without a shirt for the first time in six years. Still have a couple nodules around my jaw line but my forehead and chin/mouth area are starting to clear up. Each day they look better and there is a pronounced layer of skin covering each zit so it looks like it is healing well. Still haven't missed a dosage, I take em like clockwork and am only off give or take 1-2 hours. No nosebleeds, back pain, headaches, stomach aches, falling out hair, and the such none of that so I'm happy.


Day 19

I'm really happy with how this is going so far. The outbreak on my chin and jaw has cleared up really fast and now everything seems to be getting smaller and less obvious. I did have this weird rash on my arms but I think that was because I wasn't using lotion on them but I am now. Lips are pretty dry still and cracking if I don't put on lip balm at least once every couple hours. Also, everything is really dried out and my eyes are pretty bloodshot. Other than that I'm fine no suicidal tendencies or anything.

On another note I think that side effect is a joke. If doctors didn't tell patients that suicide might be a side effect the patient wouldn't bother to think about it. I've caught myself pondering if I was suicidal but it's bullshit because the doctor put that idea in my head. Just thought I'd share that in case you were apprehensive about taking the drug.


Day 11

Nothing really to mention. I'm still breaking out but not as bad although it is spreading to my jaw line instead of just the chin. Although the chin is starting to clear up and only a couple whiteheads in the morning. Still taking the stuff like it was my job. Hopefully I'll have more to success in the weeks to come.


Day 6

Not really much to report on over the past couple days. Still taking the pills every twelve hours almost on the dot. I've started to break out in white heads about 7-10 but they go away pretty easy. Lips are a little more dried out and starting to chap but a little chapstick in the morning and again at noon and I'm fine. I'm not seeing any results but on the plus side I'm not getting in bad side effects.


Day 3

Woke up with several above average size papules. Still no side effects except my lips seem to be a tad bit drier, but not chapped, and I can tell my mucus membrane in my nose is drying as well.


Day 2

I’m 21 yrs old attending college and have had between moderate and severe acne since I was 15-16 yrs old. Previous product tried include benzoyl peroxide of various strengths, Retin A Micro, salicylic acid pads, antibiotics like minocycline, and Proactive. None of that really worked but I think I know why now. Before I turned 19 I had mild acne and I regularly ruptured it because I thought it would help but that only made it worse in hindsight. It became worse when I started on Proactive and was taking two showers a day. This caused my skin to become very dry and this caused the deep painful acne because the oil couldn’t get through the surface due to over drying.

Which brings us to today. My schedule goes like this: take a shower; wash everything but my face while in the shower; dry off; use cetaphil cleanser without water to the face; apply cetaphil crème to my back, chest, and neck; apply cetaphil lotion to my face; go to school etcetera; before I go to bed use cetaphil cleanser without water on my face, back, neck, and chest. Now I’m taking 40mg of isotretinoin with a bowl of cereal in the morning and 40mg with dinner and a tall glass of milk at night. I started the treatment 4-10-07 so I’ll give updates as things come along it might be regular and it might not I’ll just go by date/day into the treatment.

As of today my second day I have no side effects, nor do I see any changes all is normal.